Saturday, December 10, 2011

Past Events: CMU TechNight

On November 28th, the Girls of Steel participated in the CMU TechNight from 7:15-8:30.  CMU TechNights are for showing middle school girls different technologies like robots, programming, and a whole lot more!
The young girls watch intently as we show them how the robot works

Those of us who participated in the TechNight demoed the robot for young middle school girls and their families.  The Girls of Steel gave a presentation explaining and showing the young girls the different robot parts used to build the robot  and how they work.

Additionally, some of us gave individual presentation about different teams within our team.  The TechNight was a similar set up to the open house except that this time the presentations were more geared toward the young middle school girls and interesting them in FRC.

The Girls of Steel giving different presentations about our team

The girls who attended had a lot of fun watching the robot operate and some even got the opportunity to drive it themselves!  (With supervision, of course!)  The Girls of Steel had a lot of fun explaining the robot and telling the girls about what we do as a part of the team.  Great job girls!

28 more days until the kickoff!