Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ready for Competition?

Everyone FRC: the kick-off is in 31 days! Are you ready? The Girls of Steel definitely are.

Today we held a mini competition complete with qualifications, semi-finals, and finals. The girls were split into 10 teams and given the task to knock down or capture the "mentors" in the world. The "mentors" were Jenga pieces and the robots were made out of Lego Mindstorm Kits. Each team had a (real) mentor who could help slightly (and usually vaguely) besides with the programming--the rest the girls did all by themselves! Did I mention we built these robots in less than 10 hours?

Competition was intense! It was like a real competition, especially the quick fixes. Just as fun and exciting too.

Congrats to Team 4 for winning the competition, the only team to capture a "mentor"!