Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Legos, Legos, and More Legos!!

This week the Girls of Steel are breaking up into 10 teams to create our very own Lego robots!
At the end of the building session, we will hold competitions between two teams at a time.  

Watch out for those cinder blocks!
Each team wants to knock over as many blocks (representing our mentors) as they can to gain the most points, but they can gain even more points for "capturing" the mentors and keeping them on the robot for the whole 60 second period.    

Each robot has a 20 second autonomous period where the robot has to operate autonomously and then each team has 40 seconds to control their Lego robot themselves.  

The best kind of work is teamwork!

If the robot move autonomously for the whole 60 seconds, and no team member touches the controls, the team will be awarded double the points!

The 10 Lego teams scrambled to figure out how they would design their robot to work efficiently and quickly gaining as many points as possible!  

Dinner time!
Just because we're holding a competition does not mean that we have suddenly become enemies, though! 

We still talk and laugh with all the many friends that we have made over a dinner that the parents have graciously provided.  Thank you, parents!

Tune in next week for more information on our Lego competition preparations after next week's meeting! 

Upcoming Events:
  • GOS is participating in the CMU TechNight this coming Monday, November 28th from 6pm to 8pm! 
  • Toys for Tots Volunteer and Demo! Friday 12-4pm and Saturday 10-4pm December 16th and 17th