Tuesday, November 29, 2011

LEGO Make a Robot!

This week was the second week of our mini LEGO Competition! So far, each team has had 6 hours to work on the design and function of their robot.

Remember: Each robot has a 20 second autonomous period followed by a 40 second period where the team has the option to operate the robot manually.  If the girls choose not to interfere with the robot, and it continues to move autonomously, the team is rewarded extra points.

This week most teams are finished assembling their robot, but many glitches remain!  Next week, each group will have an hour and a half to work out any problems they may have with their robot.  Below are some pictures of girls working on their LEGO robots:

Working on getting the robot to work autonomously takes patience!

This team is working on their strategy!
Programming time!
It's very important for each robot to have a stable base!

Each team is working hard to make sure their LEGO robot works quickly and efficiently, scoring as many points as possible in the allotted time.  Thank you to the parents who provided a very delicious dinner of pasta, rolls, and salad.  We are very grateful for all that you do!  

Make sure to check on the blog next week for the results of the first Girls of Steel LEGO Competition! 

Ready, set, LEGO!