Thursday, November 10, 2011

Past Events: Mini Maker's Faire

The Girls of Steel attended the Mini Maker's Faire on October 23rd at the Children's museum.  Since not all sixty-two of us could go, Bryce, Nancy, Naoka, Liz, Shana, and Natalie represented our team.

The Mini Maker's Faire was about people around Pittsburgh making different things and exposing other people to what they are doing.  For example, there were CMU students showing everyone the robots they built.

The Faire was not just about robots, though.  One group had made abacuses out of beads, straws, and paper while another group had a slime machine that would spell words in a drop of slime as the drop fell to the ground.  There was one group that also covered a cove in Christmas lights that would light up as they played instruments.

While the girls were there, they explained what FIRST was and told people who we are and answered any questions they had.  The girls even demonstrated to young girls how our robot from last year moved!  The young girls got the chance to control the robot themselves, with heavy supervision, of course.

Overall, the Mini Maker's Fair was a successful event that the Girls of Steel attended.  The girls had a lot of fun at the Children's Museum seeing other projects around Pittsburgh, answering questions, and spreading the word about our team and FIRST.