Monday, September 5, 2011

Directions to the Girls of Steel Open House

For those of you coming to the Girls of Steel Open House, here are directions of how to navigate to the Planetary Robotics Highbay in the Gates Center for Computer Science building. If you want directions to the parking lot, go here

1. Park in the Morewood Parking Lot on Forbes Avenue. 
The lot is across the street from Carnegie Mellon University. The lot is free on Saturdays.

2. After parking, exit the parking in the opposite direction you entered. You 
will see a cross walk at the light.

3. Turn left and walk up Forbes avenue

4. Turn right here

5. Head straight towards this building

6. Keep walking until you see this sign, and enter the building through 
these doors

7. Keep walking straight, until you come to the end of the hallway, and then turn 

Keep walking straight through a lounge/work area until you reach the elevators.

8. Press the DOWN button.
Once inside the elevator, press "2", to get to the second floor.

9. Walk all the way down the hallway until you reach this room

10. Enter -
You have arrived at the Open House!