Saturday, June 18, 2011

Recap of New York Trip

The trip to New York, to film a segment for "Tech this Out", a cable news network part of ABC, went amazingly well! The three team representatives, Jaden B., Julia D., and Grace H., accompanied by lead mentors, George K., and Theresa R., had a great time taping the interview for the show!

Landing in New York, Wednesday night, the team walked around New York, ate a lovely Italian dinner, and then went to bed. At 9am the next morning (Thursday), they met with the host, Daniel Sieberg, and the producer, Rafael Jimenez, of the show . After chatting with the production team, they walked to Central Park, where they would all be interviewed. Jaden, Julia, and Grace were interviewed first, and George and Theresa followed. 

After the interview wrapped up at around noon, the team explored Midtown Manhattan, spending most of their time in the American Museum of Natural History, and walking through Central Park. Then, they drove back to the airport, boarded the plane, and landed safely in Pittsburgh at around 10 pm. 

The segment is expected to air either July 8th or 15th on the ABC News Now channel, at 12:30.

All photos from the shoot are on the Girls of Steel Facebook page, but here are some below.

Arriving at ABC!                        
Girls being interviewed by Daniel Sieberg
Mentors being interviewed by Daniel 
They look great! Thanks for representing the Girls of Steel and FIRST!