Sunday, March 13, 2011


The Girls of Steel made an awesome showing this weekend at the Pittsburgh Regional. Competing for the first two days, the girls exemplified gracious professionalism and coopertition amazingly. They met many kind, helpful teams and received lots of help during their first competition.

Chosen for a final alliance, the robot, CRUSH, and minibot, SQUIRT, were able to compete twice in finals on the third day. Blessed with the opportunity to watch all the other robots, including the winning alliance, headed by team 1114, the girls learned a ton.

And for the most exciting part, the girls won ROOKIE ALL-STAR award, one of the most prestigious rookie awards. This means that the Girls of Steel are headed for St. Louis this April for championships! WOOHOO!

Good luck to all the other teams and thank you to everyone who has helped the girls! See you in Washington D.C. and ST. LOUIS!