Monday, February 14, 2011

Sarah Heinz House

Last Saturday, the Girls of Steel were lucky enough to be able to go and meet two other teams at a Pittsburgh FIRST robotics party, held at the Sarah Heinz House. We saw our competitors robots hang tubes on the scoring rack and successfully deploy their mini-bot for the first time.

But the most amazing aspect of the party was the helping hand that we received from the other teams. They showed us examples of pneumatics and electric systems on their own robots, they gave us helpful hints for making our robot better -- they even helped us wire our robot correctly so that it could move around for the first time. Every time we meet FIRST teams, we are astounded by the kindness and help that they willing give us, one of the most amazing things about FRC.

Below are some photos from the event.

Mini-bot success!

Wiring our robot with the help of the other teams.
The other team explaining how their mini-bot worked.